ROA: How to get more out of your convention experience

ROA (Return on Attendance): Getting the Most from Your Convention Experience You have been attending trade shows, conventions, and conferences for years. You feel that it is in your best interest to go, stay in tune with the industry, and meet friends and colleagues. Yet, you don’t think you have been getting your money’s worth. This two part class, given online, before and after the conference, is designed to insure that you will get a proper ‘Return on Attendance’. The first half of the class, a one hour web based tele-seminar, helps attendees focus on what they need to be doing at the conference. It assigns a dollar value to the time spent and helps each individual prioritize their personal to-do list. This is accomplished through a series of guided worksheet-based exercises during the web and telephone class. After the conference, the group is reassembled, also via web and phone. In this session the exercises help people sift through the possible action items they have listed. Using a work/reward method, participants are able to easily decide what areas to pursue and in what order. Real dollar payoffs are measured based on you conference expenditures. Finally, we encourage groups of people to form accountability teams. These are people who continue to correspond via email and phone providing support and encouragement for follow through. Everything is possible in the classroom; the real return comes from follow through back in your own shop. This class is given in conjunction with PPFA ’08. The class has two preshow sessions, Section 1 our class #EC802201 is held on January 22 at 7pm EST. Section 2 (EC802301) is held on Jan. 23 at 4pm EST. The two post show sessions are held on Feb.4 (EC803501) at 7pm EST and Feb 11. (EC804201) at 1pm EST. There is no fee for these classes.

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