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Why is your introductory class 5 days?

Our introductory class provides the most supervised hands-on work time in the industry. Your comfort level with the tools and techniques is most important. Having the time to do the work makes a big difference in the quality of work you can produce. Less than five days just isn't long enough.

How much does it cost?

The investment for our Basic Introduction to Picture Framing is $995. The tuition includes all materials and fees, as well as daily snacks and a class party. All class prices are included in the descriptions. Whether you're intending to start a frame shop of your own or you'll be working in an existing shop, you will be prepared to begin work immediately after attending our basic class.

What else will I have to pay for?

The tuition fee includes all of your framing expenses, but, does not include travel, lodging or meals. Our Massachusetts facility is located within 30 miles of Boston with several reasonably priced accommodations a short drive from the school shop. Restaurants are plentiful at all price ranges and we are happy to make suggestions. Our New Jersey facility is located in central New jersey, closer to the shore. A little over an hour outside of New York City, it is closest to Newark Airport. Our California facility is located within 30 miles of Los Angeles. Hotel and restaurants at a variety of prices are available nearby. For either location, you can find hotel and restaurant listings as well as driving directions on our Info for Registered Students.

I want to sign up for a class. How do I do that?

Its easy to register online. Choose the class that you want and click the Attend button. You can do that from the class description page or the class schedule page. If you prefer, you can register by phone (617) 285-0855 or by faxing a registration form to us at (866)615-2429.

What about the instructors?

Most classes are taught by Stuart Altschuler, CPF®, GCF. He is a third generation framer with over 40 years experience. More importantly, he has been teaching picture framing for over twenty years and has thousands of satisfied students all over the world. Other instructors are similarly qualified teaching in areas of their specialty. All classes are taught with live on-premises instructors. Every instructor can demonstrate the techniques and answer questions on the topic.

Will I receive a certificate?

For years a certificate from Prestige Framing Academy has opened doors into shops around the country. Your certificate will proudly demonstrate your completion of our class. You are recognized as a framer by all who see it displayed in your shop. Certificates are presented on the last day of class and are not framed during the school week. Most make it the first project in their shop.

I have never framed anything before. Is this basic class right for me?

No experience is necessary for this class. You really just need to know how to pick a hammer out of a pile of tools. Seriously, this class starts at the beginning, assuming that you have no prior knowledge or skills and gives you a comfort level doing all of the things that are commonly done in a frame shop every day.

I have been framing for a couple of years part time. What is the best class for me to take?

Even though you have some experience, you will probably be best served to take our Basic Introduction to Picture Framing. Many people who have been framing for years have benefited greatly from this class. One student thanked us for teaching her the why's of framing. She felt she had a much better understanding and would now do many things differently. Others with part time experience have said that this class was what put them over the top in their comfort level working in the shop. Our basic class provides not only hands-on skills, but also a foundation in framing concepts which teach you to make correct framing decisions.

Still not sure? Don't hesitate to call us and we'll be happy to discuss your specific situation.

Do I have to be a professional or thinking about entering the framing business to take your classes?

No, absolutely not. We have had many artists and other serious hobbyists take our classes. The only thing that we ask is that you understand the class is intended for professionals and we will be discussing framing business as well as technique.

I'm thinking about getting into the business. Is your Basic class right for me? And, when should I take it?

Our class is highly regarded by all industry experts, trade associations, publications, and, of course, our graduates. People who have gone through our class program are operating successful framing businesses.

You can also make use of our frame shop start up services. A full range of help is available to get you profitably into business without any mistakes. Your startup package will include our basic class scheduled at a time that is most convenient for you.

How small are the classes?

Our hands-on classes, including the Basic Introduction to Picture Framing, are limited to eight students. This allows plenty of individual supervised hands-on work time. Equipment is plentiful in our school shops. You will find that you have plenty of room, plenty of tools, and plenty of live instruction. Our lecture classes are limited to 20 students in a conference arrangement.

When should I register?

You may register for any class until the day class starts. However, classes are booked on a first come, first served basis. So, in order not to get shut out, it's best to register early.

Tell me about the school shop?

Your school experience is enhanced by the best equipped school shops in United States. We have a full picture framing shop with different types of cutting and joining equipment, mat cutters (including computerized), glass and plastic cutters, and hand tools. Both power and hand tools are abundant and available for student use. Our Boston school shop is nestled in a rural setting adjacent to a lovely golf course. During the nice weather students often lunch outside at our picnic tables. In California, we are adjacent to many shops that make break time interesting.

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