Frame Design Roleplay Presentation

Important information from an experienced business professional
Important information from an experienced business professional

Have you ever been stumped when waiting on a customer at the frame design counter? Perhaps the project was overwhelming, or maybe the client?

This interactive presentation is a roleplay between customer and frame designer with no holds barred! Volunteers who are called up get to play the ornery customer as expert framer and sales guru, Stuart Altschuler, CPF®, GCF, plays the role of framer.

Not matter how difficult your objections, or how strange your framing request, you will learn ideas, strategies, and techniques on how to make sales. We all succeed in business by making sales. Learn how to improve first hand in this role play.

This program has been very successful used as a training seminar for mid sized and larger shops with sales staff from 6+ people. Reviews have been excellent.

Participants will learn
  • Standard techniques to get helpful infomration from customers
  • How to tackle complex projects
  • How to overcome sales objections
  • How to sell higher priced jobs
  • How to close more sales

Information for sponsoring group

This presentation can be scheduled to run for anywhere from 75 to 120 minutes. If it runs longer than 90 minutes a brief break should be added about halfway through. There are obvious break points as different people are called to participate in the role play.

Organizers must provide objects to be used for the framing role play, although many groups like to invite partipcants to bring their own objects to use. Further setup is just 2 directors chairs or stools place on the platform in front of the audience. If the group is larger than 20 people, a microphone and speaker system should be used. Please insure that the speakers are setup in front of the platform to avoid feedback.

Many promotional tools are available on line after you have booked. A biography of the educator, Stuart M. Altschuler, CPF®, GCF is available in several formats. Descriptions of classes are available and other promtional materials can be arranged. Altschuler is available for radio or television interviews to support your event.

Booking Information

For more information or to schedule a date call (617) 285-0855 or email

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