On-line Classes

On-Line classes offered in the convenience of your own home or office.
On-Line classes offered in the convenience of your own home or office.
Picture Framing and Small Business Classes Direct To Your Desktop

You no longer have to wait for trade shows or travelling classes in order to find quality picture framing and business information. Your next class is as close as your desktop computer.

Benefits of On-Line Classes

  • Convenient No need to travel, the class is delivered right to your computer
  • Timely No need to travel, the class is delivered right to your computer
  • Inexpensive Compared to what it would cost to attend classes.

  • Do I need any special equipment to participate?

    No. In order to take part in one of our online classes you just need a computer with an internet connection and a telephone.

    Is there any software that I have to buy?

    No. Our classes work through an internet browser. You just go online and follow our link.

    What if I have questions during the class?

    At this time all of our education is live and interactive. You can always get the attention of the teacher and ask questions, which will be answered during the class. Some classes have a Q & A period at the end as well.

    Can I take the class whenever I want?

    No. At this all of our classes are live to allow students to interact with the instructor and other students. This provides for a classroom experience from the comfort of your home or office.

    Are there written materials and handouts?

    Most all of the classes have a handout. Some have additional materials like checklists or forms. All materials are available to you via download after you register for the class. Links are provided with your registration confirmation letter.

    Can more than one person attend from the same location?

    Yes, and without additional fee. The price you pay includes anyone that can be with you at the computer and on the phone during the class. If there are two or more, your investment per person is reduced.

    When are classes given?

    Classes are usually given begininng in the evenings, US Eastern time. To see a schedule of our upcoming online classes click here.

    How do I register for a class?

    Go to the online schedule by clicking here and click on attend after your class of choice.

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