Shadow Box Pan Mats

Stuart(c) working with students
Stuart(c) working with students

  • Are you looking for an innovative seldom used method for creating depth for shadow box frames?

  • Would you like to offer a technique that is rarely seen and easy to do?

  • Would you like ot be able to create award winning framed object boxes?

  • Everybody knows about shadowbox mats. Thsoe are the mats where you score the mat about an inch in from the deges and then fold it up. This technique creates a deep side all around that it used to finish the inner part of the frame rabbet. Shadow box pan mats are mats where the sides come up from the bottom at an angle. Most people think they are extremely complicated. Actually, all you need are three inexpensive tools that you already have: a razor blade, a straight edge, and a compass. Those tools and 15 minutes will get you the perfect shadow box pan mat.

    Regardless of your experience we can show you a step by step method of how to craft a perfect shadow box pan mat. This class includes a handout with step-by-step instructions, diagrams, and angle charts with measurements for all of the common angles.

    Learn how to execute this techniques hands-on in one 2 - 3 hour session.

    Information for sponsoring group

    This presentation can be scheduled to run for anywhere from 2 to 3 hours. A brief break should be added about halfway through. There is a handout for all students of this class. A special web page is set up just for your class where attendees can download those handouts as well as any other offers that are mentioned during the presentation. This private web page is availalble approximately 24 hours after the conclusion of your event.

    This presentation requires the following tools and materials for each student:

    1. ½ sheet of matboard
    2. x-acto knife or other blade
    3. straight edge
    4. compass
    which the sponsoring organization must provide. This class should be limited to approximately 20 people, provideing there is sufficient space. Room setup can be done in many ways. Contact us to discuss specifics.

    Many promotional tools are available on line after you have booked. A biography of the educator, Stuart M. Altschuler, CPF®, GCF is available in several formats. Descriptions of classes are available and other promtional materials can be arranged. Altschuler is available for radio or television interviews to support your event.

    Booking Information

    For more information or to schedule a date call (617) 285-0855 or email

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